University of Southern California


The USC Catalogue is published by the Office of the Registrar, Catalogue Office, (213) 740-1207. The catalogue is published online on USCweb in June 2015 as the document of authority for the following academic year.

Managing Editor: Diane Ver Steeg Anderson

Contributing Editors: Julie Wood, Lesley Zanich (The Oak Co.)

Photography: Meiko Takechi Arquillos; Tracy Boulian & David Ahntholz, Two Point Pictures; Philip Channing; Joseph Chen; Steve Cohn; Ian Evenstar; Roberto Gomez; Anna Gustafson; Kristie Hoang; Kristina Jacinth; Nico Marques; Alan Mittelstaedt; Rosalie O’Connor; Ben Pack; Tom Queally; John Skalicy; Craig Schwartz; Chris Shinn; David Sprague; Warren Techentin; USC

Technical Support: Dan Heller, Kit Warchol