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USC Catalogue 2016-2017 
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Bryan Singer Division of Cinema and Media Studies

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The Bryan Singer Division of Cinema and Media Studies of the School of Cinematic Arts offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. This comprehensive curriculum includes courses that analyze the power and responsibility of American and international film and television and new media technologies from formal/aesthetic, historical, economic and ideological perspectives.

The division is committed to understanding film and television texts in relation to the world they represent; it studies not only the meanings of these texts but also the processes by which these meanings are constructed.

Applicants for the BA or MA or PhD degrees must submit the supplemental application and materials to the Cinema and Media Studies Program. For specific instructions, contact the Cinematic Arts Office of Admission, University Park, Los Angeles, CA 90089-2211, (213) 740-8358, or online at cinema.usc.edu.


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