Jul 19, 2018  
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Philosophy (BA)

The School of Philosophy offers three major options: the major in philosophy, the major in philosophy with honors, and the major in philosophy, politics and law.

The major in philosophy requires eight courses in philosophy; six of these must be at the upper-division level.

One of the eight courses must be a gateway course:

Students are strongly encouraged to take a course in logic:

Distribution Requirement

Students must take at least one course from each of the three categories listed below:


During the senior year, students enrolled in one of the three majors' programs in philosophy can take a capstone seminar. Students who are enrolled in one of the minors in philosophy may enroll in a capstone seminar only with the permission of the instructor. Enrollment in these seminars will not exceed 15 students. Students may enroll in a capstone seminar only if they have satisfied the following requirements: taken a course in logic  (PHIL 120 , PHIL 122a , PHIL 122b , PHIL 222 , PHIL 351 Reasoning and Logic  or PHIL 350 ), taken at least one 400-level course in philosophy and have a GPA in philosophy of 3.0 or above.