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USC Catalogue 2016-2017 
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dance (BFA)

The BFA is a four-year intensive program designed to prepare students for careers in dance, choreography for stage and cinematic arts, music and/or related fields of pursuit. A diverse array of electives emphasizing a variety of media, in combination with a rigorous established core curriculum, provides students in the BFA with ample opportunity to explore and develop strong personal visions of dance.

Introductory courses focus on technique, performance and composition, while also building a solid foundational knowledge of history and critical theory. Upperclassmen continue to work on technique and performance while also pursuing individual interests under the guidance of faculty mentors.

In the junior and senior years, USC Kaufman students explore one of three concentrations: Dance Performance, Choreography for Stage and Cinematic Arts, or Dance and Music. They are mentored by faculty and assisted by academic advisers in selecting electives that support their personal and professional goals.

Emphasis in the final year of study is placed on the development of a professional quality project in the areas of performance, choreography, music, media, scholarship or entrepreneurship.

Dance Performance Concentration

The Dance Performance concentration is designed for students who are interested in careers as professional dancers or in other performance mediums. Emphasis is placed on providing students with the skills to succeed in a variety of entertainment positions. Students work with artists and scholars in the field, learning essential tools needed for a successful career in dance performance.

Dance and Music Concentration

The Dance and Music concentration provides students with a unique perspective on dance by combining dance training with substantial study in music. Courses in songwriting and music history, as well as in instrumental and vocal training, equip students interested in choreography or dance performance with the knowledge to explore careers in the music and larger entertainment industries.

Choreography for Stage and Cinematic Arts Concentration

The Choreography for Stage and Cinematic Arts concentration is designed to guide students who are interested in the field of dance for the stage, motion pictures, television, digital media and animation. Students are mentored in experimental types of dance media, both as individual performers and in collaboration with other visual and performing artists.

General Requirements

Dance training in one or more dance styles at an intermediate or advanced level of technique. Dance styles recommended are ballet, classic modern, hip-hop, classic jazz and contemporary. Proficiency in ballet and/or hip-hop dance is recommended.

Applicants must submit the USC Kaufman Supplement, which includes a video recording and detailed dance resume. All final applicants complete a live audition and interview. Specific audition requirements, along with other entrance requirements, are reviewed on an annual basis and published in the Admission section online at kaufman.usc.edu.

Curriculum Requirements

The BFA requires a total of 132 units.

All BFA students will receive foundational training and insight through the core curriculum. In addition to required courses, BFA students are encouraged to explore an area of dance performance, choreography for stage and cinematic arts or dance and music in greater depth. Students should select electives based on their personal and professional goals and in consultation with faculty and academic advisers. Electives are typically clustered in a particular field, but may be spread across different areas.

Curriculum Requirements

  • General Education Units: 24
  • Writing Units: 8

Core Requirements

Total units: 65


Choreography for Stage and Cinematic Arts

Minimum Concentration Units: 19

Dance Performance (19 units)

Total: 132