Mar 17, 2018  
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Social Work/Master of Planning (MSW/MPl)

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Dual Degree Programs

The School of Social Work currently offers dual degree programs with a number of other USC professional schools. In addition, the school maintains a dual degree program at Hebrew Union College located adjacent to the USC campus.

The goal of these programs is to encourage graduate students to gain a recognized competence in another discipline which has direct relevance to the roles filled by social workers in society. Dual degree programs are based on the premise that some topics covered in the school are also addressed in the curricula of other departments, so that some credit toward an MSW degree may be given for specific courses in the cooperating department. Similarly, these departments have recognized that some credit toward their corresponding degree may be awarded for work completed in the School of Social Work. For this reason, students enrolled in dual degree programs can obtain both degrees with a reduced number of total units. Students wishing to enroll in dual degree programs must apply for and be admitted to both schools.

Master's Requirements

The dual degree program between social work and planning offers unique opportunities for students who want to devote their professional careers to social policy, social planning or social services delivery. Dual degree students in this program receive an MSW as well as a Master of Planning (MPl). The MPl/MSW degree requires completion of a total of 83 units: 51 units in social work and 32 units in planning. The course work is normally completed over a period of 28 months for full-time students.

Dual degree students must complete MSW course work in foundation, field and core courses specific to the AHA, COBI or CYF departments.

Students must apply to both programs prior to matriculation. See the Master of Planning/Master of Social Work (MPl/MSW)  in the Price School of Public Policy for course requirements.


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