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    University of Southern California
  Aug 22, 2017
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USC Catalogue 2017-2018

Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Gerontology (MBA/MS)

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The MBA/MS dual degree program combines knowledge of the older population with the skills of business management. The program prepares graduates for a number of roles in both public and private sector organizations including the marketing of products or services to seniors, human resource development with older workers and retirement benefits.


Applicants to the MBA/MS in Gerontology should apply to both schools simultaneously.

Gerontology Requirements

The Master of Science in Gerontology requires 30 units of course and fieldwork, which cover the core content of the MS program. See the USC Davis School of Gerontology  page for course requirements.

Business Administration Requirements

The Master of Business Administration component requires 48 units of credit. Required courses include:

Dual degree candidates may not count courses taken outside the Marshall School of Business for the 48 units.

The MBA and MS degrees are awarded simultaneously upon completion of all program requirements.

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