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    University of Southern California
  Aug 16, 2017
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USC Catalogue 2017-2018

Computational Molecular Biology (MS)

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The computational molecular biology program is designed to attract recent graduates in either mathematics, statistics, biology or computer science, or scientists and engineers interested in retraining. A commercial or laboratory internship is required. Students will be prepared for employment in the rapidly expanding areas of computational molecular biology and bioinformatics. The program has two tracks, appropriate for different undergraduate backgrounds: biology and mathematical science. The required courses for each track are indicated below.

Required Courses

Total units: 33-34

*Both tracks

**Biology track

***Mathematical science track

Students are required to demonstrate skill in C++, Java or Perl, and to demonstrate knowledge of molecular biology at the level of BISC 320L . A substantial report on the commercial or laboratory internship must be submitted (for which enrollment in MATH 592  is required).

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