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    University of Southern California
  Aug 21, 2017
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USC Catalogue 2017-2018

Gerontology (MA)

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The MA in Gerontology provides an opportunity to acquire skills and formal training in gerontology. The online program requires 28 units of course work. Most courses are offered online and on campus.

Continuous registration in the program is required. Leaves of absence are available for limited times and are excluded from the total time limit.

In order to participate in the online courses, students will be required to have access to a multimedia computer with modem, printer and CD-ROM drive; an Internet provider with email and an Internet browser; and word processing software. Specific details regarding the computer requirements will be provided by the department.

Admission standards and prerequisites are the same as listed for the Master of Science in Gerontology with the exception that students in the online MA program are expected to have a significant amount of experience working in human services, health care, business or similar settings. Students are not required to have taken an approved additional course.

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