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USC Marshall School of Business

Freshmen from the USC Gordon S. Marshall School of Business visit Hong Kong as part of the LINC program. Open to all incoming first-year business and accounting majors, LINC, which stands for stands for Learning About International Commerce, is an experiential learning opportunity that exposes students to business practices outside the United States. The only program of its kind in the nation, LINC features a two-unit course in international business and an eight-day trip abroad to meet with business executives and business leaders. Photo by Kristie Hoang.

The USC Marshall School of Business is a preeminent destination for understanding and advancing the role of business in society. USC Marshall offers critical education and insight in disciplines including communication, business economics, entrepreneurship, finance, information systems, business analytics, marketing, management, operations, real estate and statistics. The Leventhal School of Accounting, one of the nation’s top ranked accounting schools and housed within Marshall, educates the next generation of leaders in that field.

Leveraging a world-class faculty, international student body and strategic location at the gateway to the Pacific Rim, USC Marshall is a pioneer in global business education. International experience is a required component of all MBA degree programs. Undergraduates have access to numerous overseas programs including study abroad and international internships, in addition to week-long global learning experiences.

USC Marshall prepares globally focused thought leaders and hands-on practitioners at every career level, in multiple locations and on a full-time, part-time or weekend schedule. It offers focused specialization through its seven one-year master’s degrees in disciplines across the business spectrum, including business analytics, entrepreneurship and innovation, social entrepreneurship, marketing and global supply chain management. The UT Dallas rankings place Marshall faculty seventh worldwide for research. The school’s entrepreneurship program is consistently ranked as one of the best, as is its alumni network.

Nearly 100 years after its founding in 1920 as USC’s College of Commerce and Business Administration, Marshall’s broad range of academic offerings and trailblazing Centers of Excellence continue to foster a dynamic academic environment that sets the standard for extraordinary leadership development and scholarship in business.

USC Marshall School of Business

Senior Administration

James G. Ellis, Dean, Robert R. Dockson Dean’s Chair in Business Administration

Gareth James, Ph.D., Vice Dean, Faculty and Academic Affairs

Fernando Zapatero, Ph.D., Vice Dean, Graduate Programs and Executive Education

Sandra Chrystal, Ph.D., Vice Dean, Online Education

Tyrone Callahan, Ph.D., Vice Dean, Undergraduate Programs

Sunny Donenfeld, MILR, MBA, Senior Associate Dean, Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Evie Lazzarino, B.A., Associate Dean, Communications

Matthew De Vecchi, Ed.M., Senior Associate Dean for External Relations

Academic Programs

Donna Bean, MBA, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs

Finance and Administration

Denise Millard, MBA, Director, Financial Planning and Management

Steve Adcook, MBA, Director, Human Resources

Undergraduate Programs Administration

Kim D. West, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

Tiffiani Frye, Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Anne Ziemnak, Ed.D., Manager, Undergraduate Student Services

Maureen McHale, Ph.D., Assistant Dean and Director, Undergraduate Advising

Joseph C. Nunes, Ph.D., Academic Director, World Bachelor in Business Program

Cynthia McCloud, MBA, Director, Food Industry Programs

Graduate Programs Administration

Diane Badame, Ph.D., Assistant Dean and Academic Director, Full-Time MBA Program

Yurigrace Kim, Senior Associate Director, MBA Admissions

Christopher J. Harrer, Director, Full-Time MBA Program

Dawn Porter, Ph.D., Academic Director, MBA.PM Program

Jeanette L. Christensen, M.A., Director, MBA.PM Program

Tim Campbell, Ph.D., Academic Director, EMBA

Brigitte M. Engel, B.S., Director, EMBA Program

Baizhu Chen, Ph.D., Academic Director, GEMBA

John D. Van Fleet, MBA, Assistant Dean and Executive Director, GEMBA

Fatemeh Nazarian, Ph.D., Academic Director, IBEAR MBA Program

Fujiko Terayama, B.A., Director, IBEAR MBA Program

Susan Hunt, M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs

Thomas Knapp, MBA, Academic Director, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

James Cunningham, Ph.D., MBA, Academic Director, Master of Science in Finance

Ken Haycock, Ed.D., Director, Master of Management in Library and Information Science

Alexis Hackathorn, M.A., Coordinator – Student Services, Master of Management in Library and Information Science and Graduate Certificate in Library and Information Management

Merle Hopkins, Ph.D., Faculty Adviser, Master of Medical Management

Maeleine Mira, EML, Director, Master of Medical Management

Adlai Wertman, MBA, Academic Director, Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship

Jessica Levine, M.Ed., Director, Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship

Robert Turrill, Ph.D., Academic Director, Master of Business for Veterans

James Bogle, MBA, Associate Director, Master of Business for Veterans

Arvind Bhambri, Ph.D., Academic Director, Executive Education

Richard Suttie, MSF, M.S., Assistant Dean, Executive Education

Anakkarat Barth, M.A., Director, Office of Global Programs and Partnerships

Ph.D. Program

K.R. Subramanyam, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Ph.D. Program

Michelle Silver Lee, M.S.Ed., Ed.D., Associate Director, Ph.D. Program

USC Leventhal School of Accounting
Accounting 101
(213) 740-4838
FAX: (213) 747-2815
Email (graduate students):;
(undergraduate students):


William W. Holder, DBA, CPA, Dean, Alan Casden Dean’s Chair at the Leventhal School of Accounting

Mark L. DeFond, Ph.D., CPA, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs

Shirley Maxey, B.A.*, Associate Dean, Master’s Programs

Mildred G. Penner, M.A., Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs


George Bozanic and Holman G. Hurt Chair in Sports and Entertainment Business: S. Mark Young, Ph.D.*

Deloitte & Touche LLP Chair in Accountancy: Kenneth A. Merchant, Ph.D., CPA

A.N. Mosich Chair in Accounting: Mark L. DeFond, Ph.D., CPA*

Accounting Circle Professor of Accounting: Randolph Beatty, Ph.D.

KPMG Foundation Professor of Accounting: K.R. Subramanyam, Ph.D.

Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting: Sarah E. Bonner, Ph.D., CPA*

Arthur Andersen & Co. Alumni Associate Professor of Accounting: Mark Soliman, Ph.D.*

Accounting Associates Professor of Accounting: Clive Lennox, Ph.D.

Professors: Randolph P. Beatty, Ph.D., CPA; Sarah E. Bonner, Ph.D., CPA*; Mark L. DeFond, Ph.D., CPA*; William W. Holder, DBA, CPA; Clive Lennox, Ph.D., Thomas W. Lin, Ph.D., CMA; Kenneth A. Merchant, Ph.D., CPA; Daniel E. O’Leary, Ph.D., CPA, CMA, CISA; K.R. Subramanyam, Ph.D.; Charles W. Swenson, Ph.D., CPA*; S. Mark Young, Ph.D.*

Associate Professors: John J. Barcal, J.D.*, CPA; Shane M. Heitzman, Ph.D.; Mark Soliman, Ph.D.*, CPA; Shiing-Wu Wang, Ph.D.*; Regina Wittenberg-Moerman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Eric Allen, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Chuk, Ph.D.; David Erkens, Ph.D.; Maria Loumioti, DBA; Maria Ogneva, Ph.D.; Julie Suh, Ph.D.; David Tsui, Ph.D.; Marshall Vance, Ph.D.

Professors of Clinical Accounting: Ruben A. Davila, J.D., MBA, CPA; Chrislynn Freed, MBA, CPA*; Merle Hopkins, Ph.D.*; Cecil W. Jackson, CPA, Ph.D.; Joseph L. Keller, M.S., CPA; Rose M. Layton, M.Acc., CPA*; Shirley Maxey, B.A.*; Patricia Mills, J.D., LL.M.; Leslie R. Porter, Ph.D.*; Kendall Simmonds, MBA, CPA*

Associate Professor of Clinical Accounting: Robert Kiddoo, MBA, CPA

Assistant Professors of Clinical Accounting: Smrity Randhawa, Ph.D.; MaryAnne Sabido-Werner, MBT; Lori Smith, B.S., CPA; Zivia Sweeney, MBA, CPA*

Professor of the Practice of Accounting: Thomas P. Ryan, MBA

Emeritus Professors: Jerry L. Arnold, Ph.D., CPA; E. John Larsen, DBA, CPA; Theodore J. Mock, Ph.D.; Zoe-Vonna Palmrose, Ph.D.

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Academic Departments

Data Sciences and Operations
Bridge Hall 401
(213) 740-0172
FAX: (213) 740-7313

Chair: Yehuda Bassok, Ph.D.*


E. Morgan Stanley Chair in Business Administration: Gareth James, Ph.D.

USC Associates Chair in Business Administration: Ann Majchrzak, Ph.D.

McAlister Associate Professor of Business Administration: Paat Rusmevichientong, Ph.D.

Professors: Yehuda Bassok, Ph.D.*; Omar El Sawy, Ph.D.; Gareth James, Ph.D.*; Ann Majchrzak, Ph.D.; Daniel E. O’Leary, Ph.D.; S. Rajagopalan, Ph.D.*

Associate Professors: Sriram Dasu, Ph.D.*; Yingying Fan, Ph.D.; Mendel Fygenson, Ph.D.*; Ramandeep Randhawa, Ph.D.; Paat Rusmevichientong, Ph.D.; Greys Sosic, Ph.D.; Wenguang Sun, Ph.D.; Amy Ward, Ph.D.; Jonathan S. Yormark, Ph.D.; Leon Zhu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Adel Javanmard, Ph.D.; Song-Hee Kim, Ph.D.; Jason Lee, Ph.D.; Jinchi Lv, Ph.D.; Hamid Nazerzadeh, Ph.D.; Peter Radchenko, Ph.D.; Xin Tong, Ph.D.

Professor of Clinical Data Sciences and Operations: Douglas Shook, Ph.D.*

Associate Professors of Clinical Data Sciences and Operations: Arif Ansari, Ph.D.*; Murat Bayiz, Ph.D.; Dawn Porter, Ph.D.; Ashok Srinivasan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors of Clinical Data Sciences and Operations: Robertas Gabrys, Ph.D.; Hiroshi Ochiumi, Ph.D.; Sharif, Abbass, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professors: Jack Borsting, Ph.D.; Richard B. Chase, Ph.D.; Delores Conway, Ph.D.*; Richard McBride, Ph.D.; Bert M. Steece, Ph.D.*

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Finance and Business Economics
Bridge Hall 308
(213) 740-6515
FAX: (213) 740-6650

Chair: Anthony M. Marino, Ph.D.


Charles E. Cook – Community Bank Chair of Finance: Gordon Phillips, Ph.D.

Kenneth King Stonier Chair in Business Administration: Harry DeAngelo, Ph.D.

Ivadelle and Theodore Johnson Chair in Banking and Finance: Wayne Ferson, Ph.D.

Fred V. Keenan Chair in Finance: Lawrence E. Harris, Ph.D.

Robert G. Kirby Chair in Behavioral Finance: Fernando Zapatero, Ph.D.

James McN. Stancill Chair in Business Administration: Vincenzo Quadrini, Ph.D.

Charles F. Sexton Chair in American Enterprise: John G. Matsusaka, Ph.D.

Kenneth L. Trefftzs Chair in Finance: Kevin J. Murphy, Ph.D.

Professors: Ty Callahan, Ph.D.; Tim Campbell, Ph.D.; Harry DeAngelo, Ph.D.*; Wayne Ferson, Ph.D.; Lawrence Harris, Ph.D.; Ayse Imrohoroglu, Ph.D.; Selahattin Imrohoroglu, Ph.D.; Nir Jaimovich, Ph.D.; Douglas H. Joines, Ph.D.; Anthony M. Marino, Ph.D.; John G. Matsusaka, Ph.D.; Kevin J. Murphy, Ph.D.; Gordon Phillips, Ph.D.; Vincenzo Quadrini, Ph.D.; Fernando Zapatero, Ph.D.

Associate Professors: Yasushi Hamao, Ph.D.; Christopher Jones, Ph.D.; Scott Joslin, Ph.D.; Oguzhan Ozbas, Ph.D.; Aris Protopapadakis, Ph.D.; Mark I.Weinstein, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Kenneth Ahern, Ph.D.; Elias Albagli, Ph.D.; Ricardo Alonso, Ph.D.; Odilon Camara, Ph.D.; Daniel Carvalho, Ph.D.; Tom Chang, Ph.D.; Cary Frydman, Ph.D.; Yaron Levi, Ph.D.; Heikki Rantakari, Ph.D.; Sandra Rozo, Ph.D.; David Solomon, Ph.D.; Andrea Stathopoulos, Ph.D.; Selale Tuzel, Ph.D.; Yongxiang Wang, Ph.D.; Yanhui Wu, Ph.D.

Professors of Clinical Finance and Business Economics: Tyrone Callahan, Ph.D.; Baizhu Chen, Ph.D.; C. Kerry Fields, J.D.*; Suh-Pyng Ku, Ph.D.; Lloyd Levitin, J.D.

Associate Professors of Clinical Finance and Business Economics: Duke Bristow, Ph.D.*; James Cunningham, Ph.D.*; Mick Swartz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors of Clinical Finance and Business Economics: Robert Bridges, MRED; Fatemeh Ibrahimi-Nazarian, Ph.D.; Julia Plotts, MBA*; Zekiye Selvili, Ph.D.*

Lecturers: Richard Tontz, Nimfa Bemis, Ph.D., Kevin Fields, J.D.; Mohammad Safarzadeh, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professors: Guilford C. Babcock, Ph.D.; Henry R. Cheeseman, J.D.; Linda De Angelo, Ph.D.*; Dennis W. Draper, Ph.D.; Alan C. Shapiro, Ph.D.; Randolph W. Westerfield, Ph.D.

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Library and Information Science
Doheny Memorial Library 314
(213) 821-1641

Director: Ken Haycock, Ed.D.

Management and Organization
Bridge Hall 306
(213) 740-0728
FAX: (213) 740-3582

Chair: Thomas G. Cummings, Ph.D.


Harold Quinton Chair in Business Policy: Paul Adler, Ph.D.

Capt. Henry W. Simonsen Chair in Strategic Entrepreneurship: Nandini Rajagopalan, Ph.D.*

Distinguished Professor of Business: Edward E. Lawler III, Ph.D.

Professors: Paul Adler, Ph.D.; John W. Boudreau, Ph.D.; Peter J. Carnevale, Ph.D.; Thomas G. Cummings, Ph.D.; Peter H. Kim, Ph.D.; Kyle J. Mayer, Ph.D.*; Morgan W. McCall, Ph.D.; Nandini Rajagopalan, Ph.D.*

Associate Professors: Arvind Bhambri, DBA; Peer C. Fiss, Ph.D.*; Scott S. Wiltermuth, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Victor M. Bennett, Ph.D.*; Nathanael J. Fast, Ph.D.; Shon R. Hiatt, Ph.D.; Nan Jia, Ph.D.; Frank Nagle, Ph.D.; Yongwook Paik, Ph.D.; Kelly Patterson, Ph.D.; Florenta Teodoridis, Ph.D.; Sarah S.M. Townsend, Ph.D.; Cheryl J. Wakslak, Ph.D.; Qingyuan Lori Yue, Ph.D.

Research Professors: Ken Haycock, Ed.D.; James O’Toole, Ph.D.

Professors of Clinical Management and Organization: Judith Blumenthal, Ph.D.; Thomas H. Olson, Ph.D.*; Carl W. Voigt, Ph.D.*

Associate Professors of Clinical Management and Organization: David M. Carter, MBA; Michael Coombs, Ph.D.*; Terance J. Wolfe, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors of Clinical Management and Organization: Christine El Haddad, Ph.D.; Katharine Harrington, Ph.D.

Lecturers: Christopher Bresnahan, Ph.D.*; Trudi Ferguson, Ph.D.; Jody Tolan, MBA

Emeritus Professors: Philip H. Birnbaum-More, Ph.D.; Robert Coffey, Ph.D.; Julia Liebeskind, Ph.D.; Kathleen Reardon, Ph.D.; Robert B. Turrill, Ph.D.

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Accounting 306F
(213) 740-5033
FAX: (213) 740-7828

Chair: Gary Frazier, DBA


Robert E. Brooker Chair of Marketing: Valerie S. Folkes, Ph.D.

Joseph A. DeBell Chair in Business Administration: C.W. Park, Ph.D.

Richard and Jarda Hurd Chair in Distribution Management: Gary L. Frazier, DBA*

Jerry and Nancy Neely Chair in American Enterprise: Gerard J. Tellis, Ph.D.

Dave and Jeanne Tappan Chair in Marketing: Shantanu Dutta, Ph.D.

Charles L. and Ramona I. Hilliard Professor of Business Administration: Deborah MacInnis, Ph.D.*

Provost Professor of Psychology and Business: Wendy Wood, Ph.D.

Provost Professor of Psychology and Marketing: Norbert Schwarz, Ph.D.

Professors: Valerie S. Folkes, Ph.D.; Gary L. Frazier, DBA*; Shantanu Dutta, Ph.D.; Deborah J. MacInnis, Ph.D.*; Joseph C. Nunes, Ph.D.*; C.W. Park, Ph.D.; Norbert Schwarz, Ph.D.; Gerard Tellis, Ph.D.; Allen Weiss, Ph.D.; Wendy Wood, Ph.D.; Sha Yang, Ph.D.

Associate Professors: Kristin Diehl, Ph.D.; Anthony Dukes, Ph.D.; Lan Luo, Ph.D.*; Dina Mayzlin, Ph.D.; Joseph C. Nunes, Ph.D.*; Joseph Priester, Ph.D.*; Sivaramakrishnan Siddarth, Ph.D.*

Assistant Professors: Lisa Cavanaugh, Ph.D.; B. Kyu Kim, Ph.D.; Lan Luo, Ph.D.*; Matthew Selove, Ph.D.; Gulden Ulkumen, Ph.D.; Botao Yang, Ph.D.

Professors of Clinical Marketing: Diane Badame, Ph.D.*; James G. Ellis, MBA; Rex Kovacevich, MBA*; Dennis Rook, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Clinical Marketing: Dennis Schorr, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors of Clinical Marketing: Miriam Burgos, MBA; Ira Kalb, MBA*; Lars Perner, Ph.D.; Gerard Power, M.S.; Therese Wilbur, MBA*

Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Quinton Professor of Research: Olaf K. Helmer, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professors: James D. Calderwood, Ph.D.; Ben M. Enis, Ph.D.; Warren Erickson, Ph.D.; John Jaeger, Ph.D.; Burt Nanus, Ph.D.; Rodolph H. Redmond, J.D.*; George Schick, Ph.D.; Norman Sigband, Ph.D.; James Stevenson, Ph.D.

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Academic Centers

Center for Management Communication
Accounting 400
(213) 740-0627
FAX: (213) 740-9428

Director: Marion Philadelphia, Ed.D.


Professors of Clinical Management Communication: Jolanta Aritz, Ph.D.; Sandra Chrystal, Ph.D.*; Ellen-Linnea Dipprey, MPW; Lucy Lee, Ph.D.*; Greg Patton, Ph.D.*

Associate Professors of Clinical Management Communication: Stephen Byars, Ph.D.; Pete Cardon, Ph.D.; Lee Cerling, Ph.D.; Stacy Geck, M.A.*; Sharoni Little, Ph.D.*; Sky Marsen, Ph.D.; James Owens, M.A.; Marion Philadelphia, Ed.D.*; Robyn Walker, Ph.D.; Naomi Warren, Ph.D.*

Assistant Professors of Clinical Management Communication: Jerry Giaquinta, Ph.D.; Yolanda Kirk, M.A.; Daylanne Markwardt, Ph.D.; Sabrina Pasztor, Ph.D.; Kirk Snyder, M.A.

Lecturers: Clark C. Hansen, M.A.; Janna Wong-Healy, MPW

Emeritus Professors: J. Douglas Andrews, Ph.D.; Paul Frommer, Ph.D.; James Gosline, MPW

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Bridge Hall 1
(213) 740-0641
FAX: (213) 740-2976

Director: Helena Yli-Renko, Sc.D.
Co-Director: David Belasco, J.D.


Orfalea Director’s Chair in Entrepreneurship: Helena Yli-Renko, Sc.D.

Capt. Henry W. Simonsen Chair in Strategic Entrepreneurship: Nandini Rajagopalan, Ph.D.*

Professors of Clinical Entrepreneurship: Kathleen R. Allen, Ph.D.*; Gene Miller, J.D., MBA; Adlai Wertman, MBA

Associate Professors of Clinical Entrepreneurship: Elissa Grossman, Ph.D.; Steven Mednick, J.D., MPA; Helena Yli-Renko, Sc.D.

Assistant Professors of Clinical Entrepreneurship: Greg Autry, Ph.D.; Patrick Henry, MBA*; Thomas Knapp, MBA*; Justin Miller, Ph.D.

Lecturers in Entrepreneurship: Andrea Belz, Ph.D.; Albert Napoli, MBA

Emeritus Director: Thomas J. O’Malia, MBA*

Emeritus Professor: William H. Crookston, Ph.D.*

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Research Centers and Institutes

Center for Effective Organizations
AT&T Center
Suite 900, MC: ATT-900
1149 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 740-9814
FAX: (213) 740-4354

Director and Distinguished Professor of Business: Edward E. Lawler III, Ph.D.
Research Director and Professor: John W. Boudreau, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientists: Jay A. Conger, Ph.D.; Gerald E. Ledford Jr., Ph.D.; Alec R. Levenson, Ph.D.; Susan A. Mohrman, Ph.D.; Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D.; Christopher G. Worley, Ph.D.

Center for Global Innovation
Accounting 306E
(213) 740-5033
FAX: (213) 740-7828

Director: Gerard Tellis, Ph.D.
Associate Director: Steven Mednick, J.D., MPA
Associate Academic Director: Lan Luo, Ph.D.

Global Branding Center
Accounting 306E
(213) 740-5033
FAX: (213) 740-7828

Director: C.W. Park, Ph.D.

Center for Global Supply Chain Management
AT&T Center
1150 S. Olive Street, Suite 2906
(213) 821-4079

Director: Nick Vyas, MBA

Center for Investment Studies
Accounting 301A
(213) 821-1126
FAX: (213) 740-6650

Director: Suh-Pyng Ku, Ph.D.

Jerry and Nancy Neely Center for Leadership and Ethics
Bridge Hall 306

Director: James O’Toole, Ph.D.

Center for Technology Commercialization
Bridge Hall 1
(213) 740-0659
FAX: (213) 740-2976

Director: Kathleen Allen, Ph.D.

Initiative and Referendum Institute
USC Gould School of Law
(213) 740-9690

Executive Director: John Matsusaka, Ph.D.

Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM)
3434 South Grand Avenue
(213) 821-2477
FAX: (213) 740-1602

SEC and Financial Reporting Institute
Accounting 121
(213) 740-0572
FAX: (213) 747-2815

Director: Lori Smith. B.S., CPA

Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab
Stonier Hall, 3rd Floor
(213) 740-3371

Director: Adlai Wertman, MBA

Sports Business Institute
AT&T Center
1150 S. Olive Street, Suite 2900
(213) 740-5591
FAX: (213) 740-3582

Executive Director: David Carter, MBA

USC Lusk Center for Real Estate
Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall 331B
(213) 740-5000
FAX: (213) 740-6170

Director: Richard Green, Ph.D.