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Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

French and Italian

Taper Hall of Humanities 155
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FAX: (213) 746-7297

Chair: Sherry Velasco, Ph.D.


Marion Frances Chevalier Professor of French and Professor of French and Italian and Comparative Literature: Peggy Kamuf, Ph.D.*

Professors: Margaret F. Rosenthal, Ph.D.*; Vanessa Schwartz, Ph.D. (History)

Associate Professors: Edwin Hill, Ph.D.; Natania Meeker, Ph.D.; Panivong Norindr, Ph.D.; Antonia Szabari, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Gian-Maria Annovi, Ph.D.; Olivia Harrison, Ph.D.

Professor of the Practice of French: Alain Borer, Ph.D.

Professor (Teaching) of Italian: Francesca Italiano, Ph.D.

Professor (Teaching) of French: Béatrice Mousli Bennett, Ph.D., Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques

Associate Professors (Teaching) of French: Colin Keaveney, Ph.D.; Julie Nack Ngue, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors (Teaching) of Italian: Alessio A. Filippi, Ph.D.; James Fortney, Ph.D.; Antonio Idini, Ph.D.; Francesca Leardini, Ph.D.

Master Lecturers of French: Julia Chamberlain, Ph.D.; Atiyeh Doreen Showrai, M.A.

Senior Lecturer of French: Nathalie C. Burle, Ed.D.

Lecturers: Paulette Chandler, Ph.D.; Jessica Kanoski, Ph.D.; Guilan Siassi, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professors: Marie-Florine Bruneau, Ph.D.; Albert Sonnenfeld, Ph.D., Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques

Emeritus Associate Professor: Arthur E. Babcock, Ph.D.

Emerita Associate Professor (Teaching) of French: Carol A. Hofmann, Ph.D.

Associated Faculty

Professors: Elinor Accampo, Ph.D. (History); Joseph Dane, Ph.D. (English); Eunice Howe, Ph.D. (Art History)

Associate Professor: David Rollo, Ph.D. (English)

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of French and Italian offers majors and minors in French and Francophone Studies and in Italian. The study of French or Italian involves the mastery of the languages and their literary and cultural expressions in fiction and non-fiction, dramatic, cinematic and poetic texts, as well as the study of social and political institutions in their relationship to cultural production.

The department offers a variety of classes in French and Italian, as well as some courses with readings and discussion in English to satisfy diverse needs. Topics range broadly from the study of a single author or literary genre to current events, cinema and new media, gender and postcolonial studies, and literary criticism.

Courses are kept small to allow for maximum interaction between students and professors. Students in both French and Italian work closely with their advisers to develop an appropriate course of study. This often involves study abroad. The department runs summer programs in Dijon, France and Rome, Italy; students also attend semester- or year-long programs in Paris and Florence or Rome.

Graduate Programs

The M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture (French and Francophone Studies) are offered through the Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture program.