University of Southern California

Viterbi School of Engineering

Materials Science — Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Vivian Hall of Engineering 604
(213) 740-4339

Chair: Steven R. Nutt, Ph.D.


Choong Hoon Cho Chair in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering: Michael E. Kassner, Ph.D. (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering)

Fluor Early Career Chair in Engineering: Andrea M. Armani, Ph.D. (Chemistry, Electrical Engineering)

M.C. Gill Chair in Composite Materials: Steven R. Nutt, Ph.D. (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering)

Kenneth T. Norris Professor of Engineering: Anupam Madhukar, Ph.D. (Physics)

Professors: P. Daniel Dapkus, Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering); Martin Gundersen, Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering); Rajiv K. Kalia, Ph.D. (Physics, Computer Science); Michael E. Kassner, Ph.D. (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering); Terence G. Langdon, Ph.D., D.Sc. (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Earth Sciences); Anupam Madhukar, Ph.D. (Physics); Aiichiro Nakano, Ph.D. (Computer Science, Physics, Biomedical Engineering); Steven R. Nutt, Ph.D. (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering); Charles G. Sammis, Ph.D. (Earth Sciences)*; Armand R. Tanguay Jr., Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering); Mark E. Thompson, Ph.D. (Chemistry); Priya Vashishta, Ph.D. (Physics, Computer Science); Chongwu Zhou, Ph.D. (Chemistry, Electrical Engineering)

Associate Professors: Andrea Armani, Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering); Edward Goo, Ph.D..; Grace Lu, Ph.D. (Physics and Electrical Engineering)

Assistant Professors: Andrea Hodge, Ph.D. (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering); Jongseung Yoon, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professors: Murray Gershenzon, Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering); Florian Mansfeld, Ph.D.; Ronald Salovey, Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering)

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.