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USC School of Social Work

The USC School of Social Work is celebrated for its rigorous career preparation and scientific contributions. Here, a School of Social Work intern helps a an older veteran as part of a community gardening project at Veterans Villages Recovery Center in Long Beach, California. Photo by David Ahntholz and Tracy Boulian, Two Point Pictures.

USC School of Social Work

The USC School of Social Work offers programs of study leading to the Master of Social Work (MSW) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in social work. These programs provide the student a broad background of knowledge about health and welfare problems, the meaning of programs past and present that have been established to meet them, and current issues and policy trends in the field.

At the same time, the student is helped to become a professional person through development of a philosophy in harmony with that of the profession: to prevent and mitigate severe social problems that challenge the viability of culturally diverse and complex urban settings; to build on the strengths of individuals, families and communities; and to lead the scholarly search for innovative, efficacious and just solutions.

Montgomery Ross Fisher
Building 214
Main: (213) 740-2711
Admissions: (213) 740-2013
FAX: (213) 740-0789


Marilyn L. Flynn, Ph.D., Dean, 2U Endowed Chair in Educational Innovation and Social Work

R. Paul Maiden, Ph.D., Vice Dean, Academic and Student Affairs

Judy Axonovitz, M.S., Director, Skirball Academic Center

Janine Braun, EMBA, M.Ed., Assistant Dean, Admissions and Scholarship Programs

Paul Carlo, Ph.D., Director, USC Center on Child Welfare

Monica Ellis, M.A., Assistant Dean, Student Services

Carmen Frierson, Vice Dean, Administration

John Gaspari, MSW, Executive Director, USC Center for Work and Family Life

Eugenia Weiss, Psy.D., Interim Director, San Diego Academic Center

Anthony Hassan, Ed.D., Director, Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and Military Families

Dan Hester, Director, International Programs

Steve Hong, B.S., Director, Management Information Systems

Jehoon Lee, Ph.D., Director, Center for Asian-Pacific Leadership

Carrie Lew, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Professional Development and Alumni Relations

Cindy Monticue, M.A., Director, Marketing Communications

Michàlle Mor Barak, Ph.D., Director, Ph.D. Program

Scarlett Powers Osterling, MSW, Senior Associate Dean, External Relations

Elizabeth Pringle-Hornsby, Ed.D., Director, Orange County Academic Center

Cherry Short, M.Sc., Associate Dean, Global and Community Initiatives

Wendy Smith, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Faculty Development

Haluk Soydan, Ph.D., Director, Hamovitch Center for Science in the Human Services

Donna Toulmin, J.D., Director, USC/DCFS Training Program, USC Center on Child Welfare

William Vega, Ph.D., Executive Director, USC Roybal Institute on Aging

Joshua Watson, Ed.D., Director, Student Services

June Wiley, Ph.D., Director, Virtual Academic Center

Leslie Wind, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Terris Wolff, MBA, MSBA, Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology

Marleen Wong, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Field Education


Chinese-American Golden Age Association/Dr. Frances Wu Endowed Chair: Iris Chi, DSW

Dean’s Professor of Social Work and Preventive Medicine: Hortensia Amaro, Ph.D.

Margaret W. Driscoll/Louise M. Clevenger Professorship in Social Policy and Administration: Bruce Jansson, Ph.D.*

Dean’s Professor of Social Work and Business: Michàlle E. Mor Barak, Ph.D.*

Frances L. and Albert G. Feldman Endowed Professorship in Social Policy and Health: Lawrence Palinkas, Ph.D.

Ernest P. Larson Professor of Health, Ethnicity and Poverty: Kathleen Ell, DSW

Frances G. Larson Professor of Social Work Research: John Brekke, Ph.D.*

John Milner Professor of Child Welfare: Jacquelyn McCroskey, DSW*

Provost’s Professor of Social Work, Preventive Medicine, Psychiatry, Family Medicine and Gerontology: William Vega, Ph.D.

Cleofas and Victor Ramirez Professor of Practice, Policy, Research and Advocacy for the Latino Population: William Vega, Ph.D.

David Lawrence Stein/Violet Goldberg Sachs Professor: Penelope K. Trickett, Ph.D.*

Richard M. and Ann L. Thor Professor in Urban Social Development: Suzanne Wenzel, Ph.D.

Lenore Stein-Wood and Williams S. Wood Professor of School Behavioral Health: Ron Avi Astor, Ph.D.

2U Endowed Chair in Educational Innovation and Social Work: Marilyn Flynn, Ph.D.

Professors: Hortensia Amaro, Ph.D.; Ron Avi Astor, Ph.D.; John Brekke, Ph.D.*; Iris Chi, DSW; Kathleen Ell, DSW; Marilyn L. Flynn, Ph.D.; Bruce Jansson, Ph.D.*; R. Paul Maiden, Ph.D.; Jacquelyn McCroskey, DSW*; Michàlle E. Mor Barak, Ph.D.*; Lawrence Palinkas, Ph.D.; Penelope K. Trickett, Ph.D.*; Avelardo Valdez, Ph.D.; William Vega, Ph.D.; Wynne Waugaman, Ph.D.; Suzanne Wenzel, Ph.D.

Associate Professors: Maria Aranda, Ph.D.*; Concepcion Barrio, Ph.D.; Devon Brooks, Ph.D.; Maryalice Jordan-Marsh, Ph.D.; Helen Land, Ph.D.*; Karen Lincoln, Ph.D.; Ferol Mennen, DSW*; Dorian Traube, Ph.D.; Shinyi Wu, Ph.D.; Ann Marie Yamada, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Carl Castro, Ph.D.; Julie Cederbaum, Ph.D.; Alice Cepeda, Ph.D.; Tamika Gilreath, Ph.D.; Jeremy Goldbach, Ph.D.; Erick Guerrero, Ph.D.; Benjamin Henwood, Ph.D.; Michael Hurlburt, Ph.D.; Seth Kurzban, Ph.D.; Jungeun Olivia Lee, Ph.D.; Emily Putnam-Hornstein, Ph.D.; Eric Rice, Ph.D.

Clinical Professors: Eileen Abel, Ph.D.; Rafael Angulo, MSW; Margarita Artavia, MSW; Judith Axonovitz, MSW; Ralph Fertig, J.D.; Anthony Hassan, Ed.D.; Stephen Hydon, MSW; Anne Katz, Ph.D.; Murali Nair, Ph.D.; Jolene Swain, MSW; Doni Whitsett, Ph.D.; Marleen Wong, Ph.D.

Clinical Associate Professors: Jane Allgood, Ph.D.; Estela Andujo, MSW; Juan Araque, Ph.D.; Michelle Bell, Ed.D.; Karra Bikson, Ph.D.; Ruth Cislowski, MSW; Tory Cox, MSW; Laurel Davis, MSW; Annalisa Enrile, Ph.D.; Kimberly Finney, Ph.D.; Pamela Franzwa, MSW; Conrad Fuentes, MSW; Kim Goodman, MSW; Mary Beth Harris, Ph.D.; Suh Chen Hsiao, MSW; Dawn Joosten, Ph.D.; Seth Kurzban, Ph.D.; Terri Lee, MSW; Shelley Levin, Ph.D.; Omar Lopez, MSW; Martha Lyon-Levine, Ph.D.; Gokul Mandayam, Ph.D.; Shannon Mayeda, Ph.D.; Renee Michelsen, MSS; Sam Mistrano, J.D.; Tyan Parker Dominguez, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Phillips, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Pringle-Hornsby, MSW; Michael Rank, Ph.D.; Russana Rowles; Michal Sela-Amit, Ph.D.; Renee Smith-Maddox, Ph.D.; Candace Smith, Ed.D.; Wendy Smith, Ph.D.; Fred Stone, Ph.D.; Vivien Villaverde, MSW; Eugenia Weiss, Psy.D.; Ruth White, Ph.D.; June Wiley, Ph.D.; Leslie Wind, Ph.D.; Deborah Winters, MSW; Lisa Wobbe-Veit, MSW; Darlene Woo, MSW; Beverly Younger, Ph.D.

Clinical Assistant Professors: Rosamaria Alamo, MSW; David Bringhurst, Ph.D.; Nikki Cavalier, LCSW; Susan Edwards, MSW; Terence Fitzgerald, Ph.D.; Amber Ford, MSW; Stephanie George; Bianca Harper, DSW; Leroy Curtis Johnson, MSW; Jennifer Lewis, Ph.D.; Marsalee Malatesta; Rick Newmyer, MSW; Amber Ramirez; Erik Schott, Ed.D.; Melissa Singh, MSW; Ruth Supranovich, MSW; Kristen Zaleski, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professors: Lucia Aparicio, MSW; Vern Bengtson, Ph.D.; Margaret Fetting, Ph.D.; Michael Jackson, Ph.D.; Wanda Jewell, MSW; Sheri Kelfer, MSW; Diane Meadow, Ph.D.; Rose Monteiro, MSW; Carlos Sosa, MSW; Monika White, Ph.D.; Jeff Wilkins, M.D.; Marcia Wilson, Ph.D.

Adjunct Associate Professors: Rita Davis, MSW; Nancy Flax-Plaza, MSW; Herbert Hatanaka, DSW; Heather Halperin, MSW; Kristie Holmes, Ph.D.; CarolAnn Peterson, Ph.D.; Mara Ziegler, MSW

Adjunct Assistant Professors: Steven Bush, MSW; Stephanie Carter, MSW; Linda Cox, MSW; Susan Lindau, MSW; Leigh Miller, MSW

Research Professors: Charles Kaplan, Ph.D.; Haluk Soydan, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professors: Jehoon Lee, Ph.D.; Donald Lloyd, Ph.D.; Janet Schneiderman, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professors: Hazel Atuel, Ph.D.; Sara Kintzle, Ph.D.; Sonya Negriff, Ph.D.; Harmony Rhoades, Ph.D.; Sherrie Wilcox, Ph.D., Hsin Yi Hsiao, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professors: Howard J. Parad, DSW*; Rino Patti, DSW*; Barbara Solomon, DSW*

Emeritus Field Education Faculty: Rhoda G. Sarnat, M.A.

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Degree Programs

The School of Social Work offers the Master of Social Work (MSW), the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and the dual Master of Social Work/Doctor of Philosophy, Social Work (MSW/Ph.D.) degrees. In addition, the school offers dual degrees with the schools of business; gerontology; law; medicine; public policy; and Hebrew Union College.