Nov 26, 2022  
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]


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2-D Art for Games Minor  

3-D Animation in Cinematic Arts Minor  

3-D Art for Games Minor  

3-Dimensional Design Minor  

3D Computer Graphics and Modeling  

Accounting Minor  

Advertising Minor  

American Popular Culture Minor  

American Studies and Ethnicity Minor  

Animation and Digital Arts Minor  

Applied Analytics Minor  

Applied Computer Security Minor  

Applied Theatre Arts Minor  

Arabic and Middle East Studies Minor  

Arabic Minor  

Architecture Minor  

Art History Minor  

Astronautical Engineering Minor  

Astronomy Minor  

Behavioral Economics Minor  

Biotechnology Minor  

Business Economics Minor  

Business Finance Minor  

Business Law Minor  

Business Minor  

Business Technology Fusion Minor  

Ceramics Minor  

Chemistry Minor  

Cinema-Television for the Health Professions Minor  

Cinematic Arts Minor  

Classical Perspectives Minor  

Classics Minor  

Comedy (Performance) Minor  

Comedy Minor  

Communication Design Minor  

Communication Policy and Law Minor  

Communication Technology Practices and Platforms Minor  

Comparative Literature Minor  

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Minor  

Computer and Digital Forensics Minor  

Computer Programming Minor  

Computer Science Minor  

Construction Planning and Management Minor  

Construction Planning and Management Minor (Public Policy)  

Consumer Behavior Interdisciplinary Minor  

Consumer Behavior Minor  

Craniofacial and Dental Technology Minor  

Critical Approaches to Leadership Minor  

Cultural Anthropology Minor  

Cultural Competence in Medicine Minor  

Cultural Studies Minor  

Culture, Media and Entertainment Minor  

Cultures and Politics of the Pacific Rim Minor  

Dance in Popular Culture: Hip-Hop, Urban and Social Dance Minor  

Dance Minor  

Digital Studies Minor  

Drawing Minor  

Early Modern Studies Interdisciplinary Minor  

Earth Sciences Minor: Climate Change, Stewardship and Resiliency  

East Asian Area Studies Minor  

East Asian Languages and Cultures Minor  

Economics Minor  

Education and Society Minor  

Engineering Management Minor  

English Minor  

Enterprise Information Systems Minor  

Entertainment Industry Minor  

Entrepreneurship Minor  

Environmental Chemistry and Sustainability Minor  

Environmental Engineering Minor  

Environmental Health Minor  

Environmental Studies Minor  

Ethics and Moral Philosophy Minor  

Folklore and Popular Culture Minor  

Forensics and Criminality Minor  

French Minor  

Game Animation Minor  

Game Audio Minor  

Game Design Minor  

Game Entrepreneurism Minor  

Game Studies Minor  

Game User Research Minor  

Gender and Social Justice Minor  

Gender Studies Minor  

Geobiology Minor  

Geohazards Minor  

German Minor  

Global Communication Minor  

Global Health Minor  

Health Administration Minor  

Health Care Studies Minor  

Health Communication Minor  

Health Policy Minor  

History and Culture of Business Minor  

History Minor  

Human Movement Sciences Minor  

Human Resource Management Minor  

Human Rights Minor  

Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence Minor  

Individuals, Societies and Aging Minor  

Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur Minor  

Interdisciplinary Archaeology Minor  

International Health, Development, and Social Justice Interdisciplinary Minor  

International Policy and Management Minor  

International Relations Minor  

Iranian Studies Minor  

Italian Minor  

Jazz Studies Minor  

Jewish American Studies Minor  

Jewish Studies Minor  

Judaic Studies Minor  

Korean Studies Minor  

Landscape Architecture Minor  

Latin American Studies Minor  

Law and Public Policy Minor  

Law and Society Minor  

LGBTQ Minor  

Linguistics Minor  

Luso-Brazilian Studies Minor  

Management Consulting Minor  

Managing Human Relations Minor  

Marketing Minor  

Mathematical Finance Minor  

Mathematics Minor  

Media and Social Change Minor  

Media Economics and Entrepreneurship Interdisciplinary Minor  

Media Economics and Entrepreneurship Minor  

Medical Anthropology Minor  

Middle East Studies Minor  

Mobile App Development Minor  

Music Industry Minor  

Music Production Minor  

Music Recording Minor  

Musical Studies Minor  

Musical Theatre Minor  

Nanotechnology Minor  

Narrative Structure Interdisciplinary Minor  

Natural Science Minor  

Neuroscience Minor  

News Media and Society Minor  

Nonprofits, Philanthropy and Volunteerism Minor  

Nutrition and Health Promotion Minor  

Occupational Science Minor  

Operations and Supply Chain Management Minor  

Organizational Leadership and Management Minor  

Painting Minor  

Performance Science Minor  

Performing Arts Studies Minor  

Petroleum Engineering Minor  

Philosophy Minor  

Photography and Social Change Minor  

Photography Minor  

Physics Minor  

Playwriting Minor  

Political Organizing in the Digital Age Minor  

Political Science Minor  

Popular Music Studies Minor  

Professional and Managerial Communication Minor   

Psychology and Law Minor  

Psychology Minor  

Public Health Minor  

Public Relations Minor  

Race, Ethnicity and Politics Minor  

Real Estate Development Minor  

Real Estate Finance Minor  

Religion Minor  

Resistance to Genocide Interdisciplinary Minor  

Russian Area Studies Minor  

Russian Minor  

Science and Management of Biomedical Therapeutics Minor  

Science Visualization Minor  

Science, Health and Aging Minor  

Science, Technology, and Society Minor  

Screenwriting Minor  

Sculpture Minor  

Social Entrepreneurship Minor  

Sociology Minor  

Songwriting Minor  

Southeast Asia and its People Minor  

Spanish Minor  

Spatial Studies Minor  

Sports Media Studies Minor   

Statistics Minor  

Substance Abuse Prevention Minor  

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Minor  

Technology Commercialization Minor  

The Dynamics of Early Childhood Minor  

Theatre Minor  

Thematic Approaches to Humanities and Society Minor  

Themed Entertainment Minor  

Theories of Art Minor  

Two-Dimensional Studies Minor  

Urban Sustainable Planning Minor  

Video Game Design and Management Minor  

Video Game Programming Minor  

Visual Culture Minor  

Web Technologies and Applications Minor