Dec 06, 2021  
USC Catalogue 2019-2020 
USC Catalogue 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Disruptive Innovation Minor

Disruptive innovation results from an invention or discovery that radically changes an existing eco or social system. Invariably, that change requires new learning and new, sustaining innovations in response. Lasting innovation, then, requires both creativity in generating fresh, bold new ideas and an understanding of the constant interplay of economic, technological, cultural and social forces that drive the use and consumption of products, goods and services. Innovators who maintain success and momentum over long periods have learned to anticipate and adapt to trends by focusing on the needs and opportunities presented by the customer, the citizen, the community and the user. The Iovine and Young Academy utilizes the techniques of human-centered design and a uniquely interdisciplinary, hands-on approach to provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand, nurture and drive innovation. The course work in this minor delivers a range of fundamental theories, frameworks and experiences to augment and enhance the knowledge students are gaining in their majors with an understanding of the techniques, methods and methodologies of the world’s greatest innovators.