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USC Catalogue 2020-2021 
USC Catalogue 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Health and Humanity (BA)

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The Bachelor of Arts in Health and Humanity is a liberal arts degree. It is intended for students interested in fields that inform the health professions and in related questions about health and human experience. Courses in this interdisciplinary major meet many of the requirements for admission to the professional programs in medicine, nursing and other fields, but do not meet all of those entrance requirements. Some electives in this major have prerequisites in mathematics and physics that cannot be counted toward the 36-unit requirement in major electives. Students should consult their academic advisers for precise information on prerequisites and admission requirements for specific health fields.

Summary of Requirements

Core: 24 units; experiential learning: 1–4 units; major electives: one thematic module 16–20 units, other electives 16–20 units; total requirements: 61–64 units including at least 36 upper-division units plus prerequisites for certain electives.

Major Electives

Choose one complete thematic module from the list below (16–20 units). Then choose additional electives from the list of modules to equal nine courses (36 units) in all. No more than two courses may be lower-division (100- or 200-level). At least two courses must come from Group A and two courses from Group B.

Group A

Group B

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