Mar 03, 2021  
USC Catalogue 2020-2021 
USC Catalogue 2020-2021

Master of Urban Planning/Master of Real Estate Development (MUP/MRED)

The Master of Urban Planning/Master of Real Estate Development dual degree program enables students to expand their skills in planning, land development, market analysis, finance and economics. Exposure to both fields becomes an educational as well as a professional asset for careers in either real estate development or urban planning. This dual degree program normally requires five semesters, including one summer, in residence.


A total of 74 units is required for the dual degree, all from within the Price School of Public Policy.


There are six concentrations available in the Master of Urban Planning program. They are as follows: Arts and Culture, Design of the Built Environment, Environmental Planning and Analysis, Housing and Real Estate Development, Economic Development, and Mobility and Transportation Planning. Students must select a concentration gateway and methodology course (4 units each, 8 units total). Please see the Master of Urban Planning section of the catalogue for the concentration descriptions and course lists.

Additional Requirements

Electives: 14 additional units of elective courses taken within the Price School of Public Policy.

Students in this dual degree do not take the Urban Planning capstone but are required to complete the MRED comprehensive examination. 

The internship requirement is waived for students who enter the program with professional experience in either planning, real estate or a related field.

Program Adaptation: MUP/MRED dual degree students may waive PPD 529  because RED 562  covers similar material. PPD 528  may also be waived for this dual because  MRED students take three design courses which cover similar material (RED 573 , RED 574  and RED 575L ). Students in this dual also do not need to take PPD 629  (the MUP Capstone) as they will be required to take the MRED comprehensive exam.