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USC Catalogue 2021-2022 
USC Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Business Administration (World Program) (BS)

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The World Bachelor in Business (WBB) Program offers students the opportunity for immersive study at three highly regarded business schools, one in each of the major economic/cultural zones of the world: the Americas, Asia and Europe. The program is designed and offered in cooperation with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Bocconi University. Students spend at least one year at each campus and receive a degree from each university. The program is available to entering freshmen only. Prospective students should consult with the USC Marshall Undergraduate Admissions office for program and admissions information.

Requirements for Completion

To complete the program and receive a degree from each university, students must satisfy the degree requirements of each institution, which include language requirements. The USC degree requirements are those of the USC Marshall Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, with the exception that WBB students do not need to complete 60 units of non-business course work. Students should consult with the WBB program academic adviser at each university. Specific courses completed at each university are used to fulfill specific requirements at the other universities.

Students should note the following USC degree requirements for the WBB program:

  • A minimum of 32 units must be taken in residence at USC. The units applied toward this requirement must be taken for a letter grade and cannot be taken on a P/NP or CR/NC basis.
  • In addition to meeting university GPA requirements, a minimum grade of C- must be earned on all upper-division course work taken at USC and required for the major.
  • A minimum grade of C- for course work completed at HKUST and Bocconi University must be earned for the course credits to transfer to USC.
  • USC GPA calculations will be based on course work completed at USC.

Sample Program

WBB students spend the first year taking classes in Los Angeles at USC, the second year taking classes in Hong Kong at HKUST and the third year taking classes in Milan at Bocconi University. In the final year, students choose their location of study in consultation with the program directors. Each year includes at least one cohort class designed specifically for the WBB program.

The following sample program is typical for most WBB students. It is not the only possible program of study, but it does serve as a representative guideline. Students will meet with a WBB program academic adviser at each location to ensure that each student’s program of study will fulfill WBB program requirements.

Total units: 36

* Satisfies GE-B requirement.
** Satisfies GE-F requirement.

Year Two - HKUST

  • ACCT 2010-Principles of Accounting I Units: 3
  • C-Comm Chinese Communications Units: 3
  • Common Core Arts (select courses) Units: 3*
  • Common Core Humanities (select courses) Units: 3**
  • ECON 2123 Macroeconomics Units: 3
  • ISOM 2010 Intro to Information Systems Units: 3
  • ISOM 2500 Business Statistics Units: 3
  • ISOM 2700 Operations Management Units: 3
  • MGMT 2110 Organizational Behavior Units: 3
  • WBBA 2010 Understanding Business in Asia Units: 2
  • WBBA 2020 Seminars in Asia’s Business Units: 1

Total units: 30

*Satisfies USC GE-A The Arts requirement.
**Satisfies USC GE-B Humanistic Inquiry requirement.

Year Three - Bocconi

  • 30056 European Economic Policy Units: 3*
  • 30361 Doing Business in Europe Units: 1
  • 30364 Accounting Module II (Managerial Accounting) Units: 3
  • 30367 Finance Module I (Financial Markets and Institutions) Units: 3
  • 30366 Finance Module II (Corporate Finance) Units: 3
  • 30372 Global History Units: 3**
  • 30375 Mathematics — Module II (Applied) Units: 3
  • 30430 Law Module I (Public Law) Units: 3
  • 30431 Law Module II (Private Law) Units: 3
  • 30444 Public Management (Business Government Relations) Units: 3
  • 303xx Second Language Units: 3

Total units: 31

* Satisfies USC GE-C Social Analysis and GE-G Citizenship in a Diverse World requirements.
** Satisfies USC GE-C Social Analysis and GE-H Traditions and Historical Foundations requirements.

Total units: 32-36

Year Four, Option Two - HKUST

  • ACCT 3610 Function of Law in Society and Business Units: 3
  • LABU 2060 Effective Communication in Business Units: 3
  • MGMT 2130 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Units: 2
  • MGMT 4210 Corporate Strategy Units: 3
  • WBBA 4010 Capstone Project Units: 4
  • Electives Units: 15-18

Total units: 30-33

Year Four, Option Three - Bocconi

  • 30012 Business Strategy Units: 4
  • 30058 Comparative Business and European Law Units: 3
  • 30223 Marketing Communication Units: 3
  • 30296 Global Sustainability Strategy Units: 3
  • Final Paper Units: 2
  • Electives Units: 15-18

Total units: 30-33


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