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USC Catalogue 2021-2022 
USC Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

MBA Program for Professionals and Managers

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The MBA Program for Professionals and Managers (MBA.PM) is a part-time, comprehensive MBA program that allows fully employed individuals to pursue their MBA degree. The program offers flexibility and a rich array of elective courses. Students in the MBA.PM program complete the degree in 33 months attending classes in fall and spring semesters and summer sessions. The degree can be completed in as little as two years for students who accelerate or up to five years for students who prefer a slower pace.

The MBA.PM offers the following advantages:

  • the scheduling design allows students to complete the degree in a timely way, while continuing to work full time;
  • program flexibility allows students to tailor their selection of elective courses to their individual interests;
  • PM.GLOBE, a course which includes an international trip, gives all MBA.PM students first-hand exposure to international markets;
  • a cohesive group of student colleagues proceeds through the core together, providing opportunities for building relationships with other talented and ambitious individuals;
  • special academic and social activities enhance the richness of the MBA experience; and
  • interaction between faculty and students enhances the overall learning experience.

The first year of the MBA.PM program is also offered at the Orange County Center in Irvine. All students take most of their elective courses at the University Park Campus in Los Angeles.

Students attend core classes either two nights per week or on weekends (Saturdays plus an occasional Sunday) for 12 months. Students must complete the core courses in the prescribed sequence and within the prescribed time frame. Elective courses are offered on a semester basis during the remaining portion of the program, including summer session.

During the elective portion of the program, MBA students are encouraged to pursue a course of study that meets their professional goals. Students design their course of study by taking electives offered in the Marshall School and by sometimes taking courses in other areas of the university. Up to 9 units of graduate-level electives may be taken at USC outside the Marshall School of Business for elective credit provided the student shows sufficient reason why a selected course is relevant to the Marshall School of Business program. Permission to take courses outside the Marshall School must be requested via petition to the MBA.PM Program Office in Popovich Hall 106.

International Exchange Program

The Marshall School offers a range of international semester-long and summer exchange programs in cooperation with leading business schools around the world. Since many of the exchange programs are taught in English, language proficiency is not a requirement for all countries. Students must complete the MBA core courses and maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to participate in the exchange program. This program is open to fulltime MBA and MBA.PM students.


The program enrolls students one time per year in the fall. To obtain information regarding application criteria, class profiles, deadlines, and notification dates or to apply, visit marshall.usc.edu/mbapm or contact the Marshall MBA Admission Office in Popovich Hall (JKP) 308 - phone (213) 740-7846, fax (213) 749-8520, email marshallmba@marshall.usc.edu.

Sample Program

A total of 63 units is required for the program. The following outlines the typical MBA.PM student’s schedule:

First Year “Core” Required Courses - Fall Term

Total units: 8.5

Total units: 8

Total units: 7.5

Total units: 6

Second Year - Fall Semester

Total units: 7.5

Spring Semester

Total units: 6

Summer Session

  • Graduate business electives   Units: 6

    (500-level ACCT, BAEP, BUCO, DSO, FBE, GSBA, MKT or MOR)

Third Year - Fall Semester

  • Graduate business electives   Units: 7.5

    (500-level ACCT, BAEP, BUCO, DSO, FBE, GSBA, MKT or MOR)

Spring Semester

  • Graduate business electives     Units: 6

    (500-level ACCT, BAEP, BUCO, DSO, FBE, GSBA, MKT or MOR)

Total units required for degree: 63

Note: USC reserves the right to change, add or delete its course offerings and programs without notice.



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