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USC Catalogue 2021-2022 
USC Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Classics (BA)

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The major in classics has three tracks, with distinct but overlapping emphases. In the Classical Languages and Literatures track, students acquire advanced reading knowledge of one or both classical languages (Greek and Latin) and study the literature of Greece and Rome in historical and cultural context. In the Classical Humanities track, students study Greek and Roman intellectual, literary and aesthetic achievements and their impact on later traditions, while also acquiring basic reading knowledge of one classical language. The Ancient Civilizations track emphasizes study of society, politics and history of Greece, Rome and other civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean world in comparative perspective.

All three tracks emphasize critical thinking as well as practice in written and oral presentation as hallmarks of a liberal arts education.

Requirements for tracks are as follows:

Track I. Classical Languages and Literatures

Lower-Division Language Courses (20 units)*

Students must take three courses in one language of their choosing and two in the other language.


Greek (Choose 2-3 from the following):

Latin (Choose 2-3 from the following):


*Or equivalent via placement

Upper-Division Language and Literature Courses (16 units)

Four semesters of 300- or 400-level language courses in Greek or Latin

Additional upper-division requirements     Units: 8

Two additional semesters of upper-division Greek, Latin, or Classics courses.

Capstone     Units: 4

Analytical paper, oral presentation, sight reading exam in either Greek or Latin

CLAS 410a      Research in Classical Studies    Units: 2

CLAS 410b      Research in Classical Studies    Units: 2

Track II. Classical Humanities

Additional Requirements

Language Requirement

Completion of at least one Greek or Latin course numbered 200 or above.

Upper-Division Requirements

Minimum seven courses, of which at least four must be from Greek, Latin, or Classics; two from Greek, Latin or Classics or from the approved list of outside electives maintained by the major adviser; one capstone.

Capstone: (enroll in Classics CLAS 410a  CLAS 410b )

Analytical or research paper; oral presentation; oral examination.

Upper-Division Requirements

Minimum nine courses of which at least five must be upper-division courses in classics, Greek or Latin; three either upper-division courses in classics or from the approved list of outside electives maintained by the major adviser; and one capstone. One of the upper-division courses must include study of a classical civilization other than Greece and Rome.

Capstone: (enroll in Classics CLAS 410a  CLAS 410b )

Research paper, oral presentation.

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