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USC Catalogue 2021-2022 
USC Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Performance Art Minor

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This interdisciplinary minor is designed for students who wish to engage in the experimental discipline of performance art, a mode of creative expression in which live or mediated bodies perform in theatrical or virtual settings for an audience. The minor offers two required courses, one in video and media installation and one in performance art, along with a broad range of electives from Roski* and partner schools in Kaufman School of Dance, the School of Dramatic Arts, Thornton School of Music, the School of Cinematic Arts and Dornsife College. It is open to any USC student regardless of prior experience, especially those interested in creating new stories, actions or personas or those who want to explore the kind of disciplinary boundary-breaking and individual expressivity that is characteristic of the field. Practitioners in performance art come from a variety of backgrounds and crossovers between performance art with studies in popular culture, social media, community activism, theater and dance are common. Performance art also highlights intersections among postcolonial and decolonial, ethnic and sexuality/gender studies, making it an effective medium to explore and express identity and its politics. Total number of units required is 20**.

*Roski majors are required to include at least 16 units of electives that are unique to this minor (i.e., not included in their major and outside of Roski). Please consult with your academic adviser before adding this minor.

**It is highly recommended to take at least one Critical Studies elective course.

Upper Division Electives* (12 units)

*At least one Critical Studies (CRIT) course highly recommended

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