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USC Catalogue 2022-2023 
USC Catalogue 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture (Comparative Literature) (PhD)

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Track II: Comparative Literature

The primary goal of graduate study in the comparative literature track is to prepare students to engage in original research and teaching after acquiring: a broadly based knowledge of literature’s formal or generic development extending across linguistic boundaries; an understanding of literature’s historical development within a number of specific cultural or ideological contexts; and a knowledge of the principles of literary criticism and theory essential to the analysis, interpretation and evaluation of individual works. The core of the discipline of comparative literature is advanced competence in several languages allowing research in their literary traditions.

Course Requirements

In addition to the MA course requirements listed above, six additional 4-unit courses are required, distributed as follows: COLT 602  and two other courses in CSLC, COLT or comparative fields relating to the student’s program; two additional courses in the first literary tradition; one course in a third literary tradition. Students will also complete the professional development sequence, CSLC 600  and CSLC 700 , which are 2-unit courses and offered only as credit/no credit. No more than two of the total required courses may be in directed research (590 or 790).

Track II Field Examination

See the requirement in the MA  section.

Foreign Language Requirements

Students must successfully complete at least three advanced courses (400-level or higher) in the original languages of two literary traditions other than Anglophone (two courses in one language and one in the other). Students will also complete a literary analysis exercise in their strongest non-native language outside their major literary tradition. This exercise is normally done in conjunction with the field examination.

Comparative Field Exercise

A 30–40 page paper with bibliography in a comparative field related but not central to the major literary tradition in which the student plans to write his or her dissertation is required.

Qualifying Examination

To be admitted to candidacy for the PhD, students must pass this examination after all course work has been completed.

Dissertation Defense

An oral defense of the dissertation must be satisfactorily completed before the dissertation can be filed with the Graduate School.

Awarding of Degree

The degree of PhD in Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture (Comparative Literature) is conferred when all of the degree requirements have been completed satisfactorily.

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