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USC Catalogue 2022-2023 
USC Catalogue 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Mechanical Engineering (Energy Conversion) (MS)

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Sustainable Infrastructure Systems

The Sustainable Infrastructure Systems program prepares students for immediate and effective participation in the modern infrastructure workforce through a common core that includes smart-system design for sustainable infrastructures, the societal and regulatory context of infrastructure engineering decisions, and construction management. Four plans of study for the Master of Science degree allow for specialization based on background and interest.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Energy Conversion)


Students with MS degrees in engineering or science disciplines can be accepted in these programs. Students must satisfy all other departmental degree requirements. Admission requirements follow the general admission rules for aerospace and mechanical engineering graduate programs. For admission requirements, refer to Viterbi Graduate Degrees and Requirements at USC Viterbi School of Engineering . The program requires completion of a minimum of 27 units, with at least 18 units at the 500 level, and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for graduation. Students will be given advisement in the first semester of their study. A minimum of 15 units must be 500-level courses in major department. Four of the required units must be in engineering analysis AME 525 .

In addition to AME 525 , students are required to take five core courses covering energy and propulsion, sustainable energy, alternative energy conversion devices, construction management, and sustainable infrastructure systems. Elective courses can be chosen in areas of specific interest to the student. Specifically, students are encouraged to consider electives from other Sustainable Infrastructure Systems programs.

Information on the current approved courses that comprise these core and elective requirements is available from the department website ame.usc.edu.

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