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USC Catalogue 2022-2023 
USC Catalogue 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Multiple Subject (MAT)

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The Master of Arts in Teaching degree prepares Teacher Candidates to pursue careers as teachers. Subject Matter Concentrations of the program are offered at the Elementary (Multiple Subjects) and Secondary (English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science) levels. The curriculum focuses on preparing teachers to work with diverse K-12 populations. Teacher Candidates enrolled in the MAT Program will engage in supervised field experiences throughout the curriculum. MAT course work provides Teacher Candidates with theoretical foundations, teaching strategies and practical field-based experiences necessary to make a difference in schools across the State of California, the United States and the world. The Gifted Education Certificate  may be obtained for additional course work. 

The Education Specialist Mild/Moderate credential recommendation may also be earned by completing the Special Education pathway in EDUC 677 .  Bilingual authorization in Spanish is available through the completion of the MAT program and passage of additional exams and fieldwork requirements.

Multiple Subject

The MAT Multiple Subject is designed for those interested in teaching at the elementary level. The MAT Multiple Subject program requires a minimum of 28 units.

The Multiple Subject emphasis is available online.

As a California-based licensure program, candidates enrolled in the MAT Multiple Subject program must satisfy requirements in addition to the courses listed below. Please refer to the information about these requirements here .


Completion of the MAT program will prepare all candidates for the Education Specialist credential. All standards have been integrated into the MAT program of study. Students who are interested in being recommended for the Education Specialist Mild/Moderate credential will be placed in EDUC 677  with placement in an approved Education Specialist supported classroom for half of their guided practice requirements.

The Education Specialist Mild/Moderate credential provides current MAT credential candidates with the competencies to respond to the needs, interests and abilities of special needs students in either regular classrooms or specific school classrooms defined for students who need Mild/Moderate support with documented learning differences. It widens the range of the students’ knowledge about teaching and learning allowing them to compete in the contemporary professional marketplace. A credential in special education may be mandatory in some states for consideration to teach special needs students in any type of learning environment.

In addition to the master’s degree, a recommendation for a California Bilingual Authorization in Spanish, may be earned. Candidates must: 1) Complete all requirements for the Single Subject (MAT) degree and Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential; 2) Pass CSET: Spanish Subtest III (test code 147) and Spanish Subtest V (test code 258); and 3) Successfully conduct Spanish lessons as part of EDUC 677: Applications of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Part B, that meet the BILA fieldwork competencies.

California Bilingual Authorization in Spanish will allow graduates to work with Spanish-speaking students and their families to support their primary language and develop academic English in a range of bilingual settings.

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