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USC Catalogue 2022-2023 
USC Catalogue 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (BA)

This demanding major trains students in political economy, grounding their study in the historical, conceptual and moral foundations of our shared political and economic lives. The interdisciplinary major allows students to trace interconnections between political, economic and legal issues within a range of broader humanistic concerns. It also fosters the development of logical, quantitative and analytic skills needed for clear thinking and effective communication, leaving students with a wide range of options for further, more specialized study or careers in law, politics or economics. 

The major requires eleven courses including an introductory lower-division course, a final capstone seminar and a range of further courses in the three disciplines. 

Logic Course

Students must complete one of the following courses. 

Lower-Division Political Science Recommendation

One lower-division POSC course is strongly recommended before taking any upper-division POSC courses. 

Philosophy Gateway Course

Completing a gateway course is recommended prior to enrolling in any 400-level Philosophy course. This course will count toward the upper-division Philosophy requirements.

Philosophy of Economics, Political or Legal Philosophy

Students must complete one of the following courses.

History of Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Students must complete one of the following courses. 

Moral Philosophy

Students must complete one of the following courses. 

Upper-Division Political Science

Students must complete two of the following courses. 


Students must complete the following two courses in economics. 

Capstone Course

Students must complete the following capstone course. In semesters when the capstone course is not offered, students may enroll in an acceptable course equivalent with departmental approval. 


Eligibility to graduate with departmental honors distinction requires completion of all required major courses with a minimum 3.5 GPA in upper-division Philosophy course work, in addition to completing PHIL 495  Honors Capstone. In semesters when PHIL 495  is not offered, students may enroll in PHIL 494  Senior Thesis. Enrollment in either PHIL 494  or PHIL 495  is open to senior standing students only and prior completion of at least two 400-level Philosophy courses is highly recommended.