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USC Catalogue 2022-2023 
USC Catalogue 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Food and Society Minor

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The interdisciplinary minor in Food and Society at USC explores food as a complex social phenomenon, shaped by human knowledges, practices, and ecologies. Grounded in Anthropology, the minor in Food and Society examines the diversity that characterizes human relationships to food, and learn to apply the tools of social analysis to gain critical insight into the complex social forces that shape food systems.

Electives by petition

Students may also identify elective courses that fit within the following four categories and petition for their approval toward the minor. Contact your academic or program adviser for information.


Culture and History

Courses that offer a cultural, historical, or humanistic perspective on specific communities, foodways or practices. Exemplary courses:

Nature and human life

Courses that examine the relationship between humans and nature; it pertains to food or nutrition, including topics in biology, ecology, sustainability, environmental studies, agriculture and civil engineering, etc. Exemplary courses:

Politics and policy

Courses that provide insight into the relationship between food politics and policy including issues in economic development, trade and food security, food deserts, poverty and public health, etc. Exemplary courses:

Art, craft and practice

Courses that provide a perspective on food as art, craft or creative practice, including documenting or representing food in social experience. Exemplary courses:

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