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USC Catalogue 2022-2023 
USC Catalogue 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Master of Building Science/Master of Heritage Conservation (MBS/MHC)

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The Master of Heritage Conservation/Master of Building Science dual degree program facilitates highly related cross-disciplinary studies in heritage conservation and in building science at the master’s level. The primary objective of the dual degree curriculum is to impart to students a basic familiarity with the origins and development of the philosophies, theories, and practices of building science and heritage conservation. This curriculum has been developed so that students will graduate from this program with a broad practical knowledge of the techniques and strategies for conserving the existing built environment through the lens of science and technology. Students will be expected to understand the critical methodological tools necessary for a professional engaged in the investigation, interpretation, and evaluation of the urban built environment.


Requirements for completion of the dual degree program are 72 units, including 36 units in Heritage Conservation and 36 units of Building Science. As a full-time program of study, students are expected to take 18 units each semester during two years of residency.


The thesis topic chosen must be relevant to both degrees. There must be one thesis committee member from each degree program; the third committee member should be selected relative to the topic selected.

Building Science Requirements

The Building Science requirements of the dual degree are 36 units, including 19 required units, 12 units of Building Science Thesis and 5 units of electives from a specific list. 

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