Sep 24, 2023  
USC Catalogue 2023-2024 
USC Catalogue 2023-2024

Anthropology (BA)

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Anthropology brings a holistic and comparative perspective to the study of human life and culture. By providing students with tools for better understanding human diversity and complexity, anthropology prepares students for careers in global health and medicine, museums, law, government, environmental management, entrepreneurship and international business education, and the arts.

The Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology has three tracks: sociocultural anthropology, medical anthropology and biological anthropology. Department majors are required to take ten courses (40 units) in Anthropology. 

Sociocultural Anthropology Track Requirements

Sociocultural Anthropology is the comparative study of human culture and society, the study of how individuals and communities are shaped by their traditions, values and institutions.

Department majors are required to take ten courses (40 units) in Anthropology.

Preparation for the major, lower-division (4 units)

One lower-division course focusing on a subfield of Anthropology (4 units)

The following courses fulfill this requirement:

Five additional Anthropology courses are required (20 units)

Five additional Anthropology courses are required. Of these, at least one should represent an area of world ethnography, involving the study of a region, cultural or religious group, or diasporic or settled community. Courses offered in other programs may be applied toward this requirement, with departmental approval.

The following courses are cross-listed with Anthro​pology and are also recommended as topical:

The following Anthropology courses are recommended as topical:

Medical Anthropology Track Requirements

Biological Anthropology Track Requirements

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