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USC Catalogue 2023-2024 
USC Catalogue 2023-2024

Global Studies (BA)

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The Global Studies major offers an interdisciplinary perspective on global issues and problems, while also providing opportunities for cross-cultural engagement and real-world learning.

Based in the Department of Anthropology, the Global Studies major prepares students for careers that require cross-cultural proficiency and grounded social analysis, such as international aid and advocacy, policy, law, media and journalism, business, global health, design, or engineering. Along with the required core and collateral courses, the elective units allow sufficient flexibility to complete course prerequisites for regional and area studies programs, law school, and business school.

Experiential Learning

In addition to specific course work, students in the Global Studies major are expected to engage in curricular experiential learning, such as by completing a minimum of one intensive internship (such as 4 credits or more of ANTH 393 ), one semester of study abroad, or equivalent.

Ideally, a student will spend one summer and one semester engaged in experiential learning prior to the senior year. Approved experiential learning courses include ANTH 325  and ANTH 393 , as well as Problems Without Passports and many Maymester courses. Your academic adviser can provide more information on approved experiential learning options.

Language Requirement

Language proficiency is an important foundation for cross-cultural learning. For this reason, Global Studies majors are required to have or acquire at least intermediate conversational proficiency in a language not already familiar to them. The language requirement can be fulfilled in several ways: by completing a study abroad language immersion program at least eight weeks in length, by completing an oral examination administered by a qualified language instructor, or by completing an additional 8 units of language courses (in addition to the 8 units required of all USC Dornsife students).

Capstone Project and Seminar

The capstone project is the final requirement for the Global Studies major. It is a cumulative project that draws upon the experiential learning and coursework completed for the major. Students complete the capstone project while enrolled in an approved 4-unit capstone seminar. See the Global Studies program webpage for more information on the capstone.

Honors Program in Global Studies

Global Studies majors who have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.5 are strongly encouraged to explore the Honors Program in Global Studies, which entails writing an honors thesis and earning a grade of A- or higher in ANTH 485 . We encourage students who meet the qualifications to consider the program as early as their fourth or fifth semesters. The full requirements for the Honors Program can be found on the Global Studies webpage.

Required Core Courses (16 units)

Global Studies majors are required to complete a total of 36 units, including 16 units of required course work in Anthropology, and at least 20 units of elective course work chosen within the student’s thematic or regional focus.

Upper-Division (4 Units)

Research Methods (4 units)

One 4-unit research methods course.

Capstone Seminar (4 units)

4-unit capstone seminar. The following are approved capstone seminar courses for the Global Studies Major:

Elective Courses (16 Units)

At least 16 units of elective course work in the humanities and social sciences, chosen within the student’s thematic or regional focus. The academic adviser can assist with selecting appropriate electives.

Approved Social Science Electives:

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