Sep 23, 2023  
USC Catalogue 2023-2024 
USC Catalogue 2023-2024

Narrative Studies (BA)

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Narrative Studies prepares students for the development and evaluation of original content for novels, films, theatre and other narrative platforms, but recognizes that the range of professional opportunities in literature and the performing arts is much wider than the roles of author, screenwriter or playwright. To recognize a good story, to critique, help shape, realize and transform it, requires a background in the history of narrative, crosscultural and contemporary models, and an understanding of the broader context of popular culture.

Narrative Studies assumes that an effective narrative will be adapted from the medium in which it first appears as new media become available. To prepare students for a future in which the platform is likely to change, the Bachelor of Arts in Narrative Studies allows students to study across the current platforms while concentrating on the techniques of effective construction common to them all.


The Narrative Studies major requires 36 units distributed across six required categories, two upper-division electives, and a senior capstone project. Of the 36 units, only 12 units can be from schools outside of Dornsife (i.e. Cinematic Arts, Thornton, Roski, Dramatic Arts, etc.) and only 8 units can be lower-division (100-200 level).

Studying Narrative

Writing and Narrative Forms (choose one or two courses, totaling 4 units):

Two additional courses

(three if CTWR 412 /CTWR 414  are chosen) (8 units) at the upper-division 300 or 400 level, from different departments, chosen from the lists above.

Capstone Enrollment:

Total: 40 units

Ten courses, including at least seven at the upper-division level, for a total of 40 units.

*Prerequisite required

**Corequisite required

***Recommend preparation suggested

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