Oct 03, 2023  
USC Catalogue 2023-2024 
USC Catalogue 2023-2024

Neuroscience (BS)

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Coordinator: Jason Zevin, PhD

Undergraduate Advisers: Pablo Lopez, pablol@usc.edu; Toni Richardson, tonirich@usc.edu

Grade Requirements:

A grade of C- or higher is required to count toward major requirements.

Program Requirements:

The major requires 15 core courses (minimum 55 units) and five or six elective courses (minimum 20 units) for a minimum total of 75 units.

The degree requires a minimum of 128 units.

Core Requirements


Five or six upper-division elective courses (minimum of 20 units) from the following list are required. At least one course in the upper-division electives must carry a lab (“L”) designation or be 490. No more than 4 units of NEUR 490x  may be used to fulfill the upper-division elective requirement.

Elective Courses


*Students may take the third of the three courses BISC 407 , BISC 408  and PSYC 440  as an elective.

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