Oct 23, 2021  
USC 2015-2016 Catalogue 
USC 2015-2016 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health (MD/MPH)

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The joint M.D./MPH program at the Keck School of Medicine is designed for individuals who envision a medical career that combines public health and medical disciplines. Many individuals entering careers as medical doctors or public health practitioners wish to acquire not only medical practice competencies, but also an understanding of the history, organization, goals and philosophy of public health. The joint M.D./MPH program offers a broadbased orientation to public health while the student completes medical school requirements. The Master of Public Health degree provides increased knowledge of and sensitivity to the political, historical, economic and social environments of health promotion and health services delivery.

The M.D./MPH program spans five years (four years of medical school and one year of public health courses). Students begin the core MPH courses following the successful completion of the first two years of medical school. The last two years of the program are devoted to clinical clerkships of the School of Medicine and to the completion of the elective courses and practicum (field experience) of the MPH program. At the conclusion of the joint degree program, students will have completed 42–46 units in the Master of Public Health program and four years of courses in the Keck School of Medicine.

Students who are enrolled in the Keck School of Medicine must apply to the Master of Public Health program no later than January of their second year. All requirements for admission to the regular MPH program must also be fulfilled by dual degree applicants.

All students in the M.D./MPH program must meet course requirements, grade point average requirements and program proficiency requirements of both programs. Students must have a grade point average of 3.0 in the MPH curriculum to meet graduation requirements.

The M.D. and the MPH degrees are awarded simultaneously upon completion of the Keck School of Medicine and the Master of Public Health program requirements. For more information, contact the MPH Program Office at (323) 442-7257.

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