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USC Catalogue 2016-2017 
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Mathematical Finance Minor

Kaprielian Hall 104
(213) 740-3800

Staff Contact: Cynthia Mata-Flores (Undergraduate)

This interdisciplinary minor was created for students in business, economics and mathematics, whose majors already require some of the introductory course work. Students in other programs are welcome but should expect the minor to require more units than it does for students in those programs.

As with all minors, students must include at least four upper-division courses and four courses dedicated exclusively to this minor (which may be the same four courses). Finally, students must select four courses outside their major department. Economics majors must choose four courses outside of economics; math majors must choose four courses outside of math; business majors must choose four courses outside of the Marshall School of Business. These may be the same courses used to meet the first two conditions.

Choose one course from the following list (4 units):


*Prerequisite required

Total requirements, for students with no prior course work: 42–43 units

Students majoring in business administration, economics or mathematics can meet many of these requirements with course work that also satisfies their majors. In addition to those classes, students in those majors must complete the following requirements:

  • Business majors satisfy 24 units with course work that is also required for the major and need to complete only 18 units in MATH, ECON and ITP or CSCI
  • Economics majors satisfy 20–24 units with course work required for the major (including one major elective), needing only 18–22 units in BUAD, FBE, ITP or CSCI and MATH
  • Mathematics majors satisfy 16 units with course work required for the major, needing only 26 units in BUAD, ECON, FBE and ITP or CSCI