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USC Catalogue 2016-2017 
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Middle East Studies Minor

Drawing on courses from 10 different departments, this interdisciplinary minor offers students interested in exploring the richness and complexity of the Middle East, broadly defined as extending from Morocco through Iran, a framework for developing a basic but solid understanding of the region. Students may select courses that provide a broad introduction across disciplines, or they may choose courses that address a particular historical period or theme.

Twenty units (five courses) are required. All students must take HIST 180 . To complete the minor a student must also take four upper-division courses from the list below. Students who are also studying a language may substitute ARAB 252 , HEBR 315  or IRAN 250  for one of the four upper-division courses. However there is no language requirement for the minor.

A special accommodation is in place for majors in the School of International Relations who minor in Middle East Studies. Courses that are cross-listed between MDES and IR can satisfy the four unique courses (at least 16 units) that must be completed outside of their major department for this interdisciplinary minor. Students will still be required, however, to complete at least four courses (16 units) that are unique to the minor (not required to meet major course requirements).


Required Courses

Four of the following courses:

Four courses from the list below, only two of which may be language courses. ARAB 300 , ARAB 333  and ARAB 334  may count toward the minor only with departmental permission.