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USC Catalogue 2016-2017 
USC Catalogue 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Neuroscience Minor

Co-coordinators: Sarah Bottjer, PhD, and Irving Biederman, PhD

Undergraduate Advisers: Eva Hinojoza, hinojoza@dornsife.usc.edu; Briana Weiland, bweiland@dornsife.usc.edu

Grade Requirements

A grade of C- or higher is required to count toward minor requirements.

Core Requirements (20 Units)


*An equivalent course may be substituted with permission

**Prerequisite: BISC 220  or BISC 221 

***Prerequisite: PSYC 100  

Recommended but not required: CHEM 103Lx  (or CHEM 105La ) plus MATH 125  

Students who have not already taken the prerequisites (BISC 220 /BISC 221  and PSYC 100 ) will need to take a total of 28 units to satisfy the requirements of a minor in neuroscience. Thus, the range of units will vary from 20 to 28 depending on a student’s background.