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USC Catalogue 2018-2019 
USC Catalogue 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Game Animation Minor

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To create animations for a game requires an understanding that visual art forms one part of a game system or algorithm, and even animation poses and rigging must often be thought of in terms of programming-like logic. The skills of the modern animator, visual effects artist, motion capture professional and many others are of great value in the games industry, but very few of these professionals have both training in visual artistry and the systemic thinking necessary for game design. This minor provides an educational path that teaches both systems thinking and the skills and creativity of an animator.

To be eligible for the game animation minor, a student must be in good academic standing and have a declared major. To declare the game animation minor a student must get permission from the Interactive Media Division (SCA 222) and submit a Change of Major/Minor form to Cinematic Arts Student Services (SCB 105).

Course Requirements for the Minor

A total of 24 units is required for the game animation minor, including a minimum of 16 upper-division units.


*Prerequisite required.

**CTAN 432 , CTAN 451 , CTIN 101 , and CTIN 332  may only be taken as electives if they are not used to fulfill a core requirement for the minor.

***CTIN 484  and CTIN 489  must be taken concurrently, and require CTIN 483  and CTIN 488  as prerequisites.

+Enrollment in CTAN 564  and CTAN 565  requires special permission.

Grade Point Average Requirement

A minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course is required. A grade of C- (1.7) or lower does not fulfill a minor requirement.

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