School of Dramatic Arts

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts with a major or minor in theatre is a comprehensive theatre degree offered in cooperation with the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Candidates for the degree must complete the university general education requirements in addition to the courses in the major prescribed by the School of Dramatic Arts. A total of 128 units is required for completion of the degree.

General Education Requirements

The university’s general education program provides a coherent, integrated introduction to the breadth of knowledge you will need to consider yourself (and to be considered by other people) a generally well-educated person. This program requires six courses in different categories, plus writing, foreign language and diversity requirements, which together comprise the USC Core. See The USC Core and the General Education Program for more information.

School Majors

Students who choose the school major are required to complete a minimum of 52 units in theatre as specified:

Required courses Units
THTR 101 Introduction to Acting 4
THTR 125 Text Studies for Production 4
THTR 130 Introduction to Theatrical Production 4
THTR 210 Theory and Practice of World Theatre I 4
THTR 211 Theory and Practice of World Theatre II 4
THTR 212 Theory and Practice of World Theatre III 4
THTR 305a Directing 4

One course (3 units) from:
THTR 230 Communicating Theatrical Design Concepts 3
THTR 231a Costume Construction 3
THTR 232 Stage Lighting 3
THTR 335 Scenic Construction 3

One course (4 units) from:
THTR 300 Introduction to Modern Drama 4
THTR 301 Greek and Roman Theatre 4
THTR 302 Shakespeare in His World 4
THTR 313 Comedy of Manners 4
THTR 314 Advanced Topics in Modern Drama 4
THTR 395 Drama as Human Relations 4
THTR 396 God, Drama and Entertainment 4
THTR 403 The Performing Arts 4
THTR 404 Acting Theory 4
THTR 405 Performing Identities 4
THTR 406 Theatre on the Edge 4
THTR 476 African American Theatre, Dance and Performance 4

Required upper division theatre electives: 17
Total required theatre units: 52