Nov 29, 2020  
USC Catalogue 2017-2018 
USC Catalogue 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BISC 427 The Global Environment

Units: 4
Terms Offered: FaSpSm
Earth's development as a habitable planet, from origin to human impacts on global biogeochemical cycles in the ocean, land, atmosphere. Discussion of environmental alternatives. Open only to biological sciences, environmental sciences, and earth sciences majors.
Prerequisite: BISC 120Lg  or BISC 121Lg ; CHEM 105bL  or CHEM 115bL .
Registration Restriction: Open only to Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Earth Sciences majors.
Instruction Mode: Lecture
Grading Option: Letter

Crosslisted as ENST-427, GEOL-427