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USC Catalogue 2021-2022 
USC Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Classics (PhD)

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Application deadline: January 1

Course Requirements

All students must complete CLAS 540 , CLAS 550 , CLAS 560  and CLAS 570 , plus at least five from CLAS 510 , CLAS 515 , CLAS 520 , CLAS 525 , CLAS 545 , CLAS 555 , CLAS 565 , CLAS 575 , as well as three electives to be decided on in consultation with the graduate adviser. This arrangement is designed to assure competency in core areas of classical studies while allowing for the development of individual research interests and, where appropriate, course work in related fields. In addition, all students are required to enroll in the 2-unit teaching practicum (CLAS 593x ) concurrent with their first semester as a department teaching assistant.


Students are expected to complete written exams in the translation of Greek and Latin literature; in Greek and Roman history; and modern language competency exams. In addition, students take written and oral exams in major and minor fields and an oral exam on the dissertation prospectus. The field exams, prospectus, and exam on the prospectus together constitute the qualifying exam and are evaluated by a five-member committee. Students may not present themselves for the qualifying exam until all required courses and preliminary exams have been completed successfully.


Following the completion of the qualifying exam, the guidance committee will be reduced to three members, including one member from outside the department, who will guide and approve the dissertation.


All students make formal presentations on their research before a jury drawn from internal and external faculty twice during their graduate careers — once before taking the field exams and once while working on the dissertation.


Required course work, written and oral exams are to be completed by the end of the third year of enrollment in the program, with the dissertation to be submitted and defended by the end of the fifth year.

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