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USC Catalogue 2020-2021 
USC Catalogue 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Courses of Instruction

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USC Thornton School of Music


Music Teaching and Learning

Music Ensemble

Large ensemble requirements in undergraduate curricula must be fulfilled by the following ensembles: University Chorus (MUEN 307 ); Apollo Chorus (MUEN 308 ); Oriana Choir (MUEN 311 ); University Concert Choir (MUEN 310 ); Chamber Singers (MUEN 312 ); USC Symphony (MUEN 320 ); USC Concert Orchestra (MUEN 321 ); University Wind Ensemble (MUEN 323 ); or University Band (MUEN 324 ).

Exceptions to the above policies include: Contemporary Music Ensemble and Early Music Ensemble may fulfill the large ensemble requirement for instrumental majors, with the approval of the conductor of University Symphony or Wind Ensemble and the chair of the student’s major department.

Music Education majors with an instrumental emphasis must take one semester of a choral ensemble.

Composition majors must register for at least 2 units in a choral ensemble.

Students majoring in Strings, Vocal Arts, or Wind and Percussion may not count USC Concert Orchestra toward their large ensemble requirement.

Vocal Arts majors must register for University Concert Choir, USC Chamber Singers or USC Oriana Choir to fulfill their large ensemble requirement.

Further exceptions may be made subject to departmental approval and approval of the conductor of the appropriate large ensemble.

Music History and Literature

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