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USC Catalogue 2018-2019 
USC Catalogue 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Data Informatics (MS)

Associate Director of Informatics: Craig Knoblock, PhD

The social emergence of large data environments and infrastructures (Big Data) in diverse domains and uses has spawned a requirement for analysis of the information contained. Past experience has shown that extracting value from large information stores can often be difficult due to the intrinsic nature of data, and the limits on ability to intelligently mine the information to add value to the organization.

The USC Viterbi Master of Science in Data Informatics provides students with the knowledge and skill to: a) understand and contribute toward the significant technical challenges created by large data environments, including architecture, security, integrity, management, scalability, artificial intelligence topics and distribution; b) understand the principles and application of informatics, and the goals of enterprise intelligence; and c) utilize technical/engineering skills coupled with informatics capabilities to provide enterprise-centric solutions to stakeholders. The degree features application of knowledge and skill in hands-on type experiences, with the goal of having students leave the program having “lived in the data.”

Students will understand the overall field of data analytics, the role of the analyst and/or data scientist, and the domains where informatics skills can be applied to critical organization missions. They will understand how data management, data visualization, data mining and artificial intelligence techniques (specifically machine learning) are critical to the analysis process, and how these can be applied to real world challenges. Through an extensive elective track, they can find the specializations that will help them better  prepare themselves for the area(s) of analytics in which they hope to contribute.



*Whichever courses (INF 554 , INF 555 , INF 556 , INF 558 , INF 560 are not taken as a required course may be taken as an elective

**A maximum of 4 units of INF 590  and a maximum of 4 units of INF 599  may be applied.