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USC Catalogue 2018-2019 
USC Catalogue 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOGUE]

Medical Biophysics (PhD)

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The goal of the PhD program in Medical Biophysics (MBPH) is to train the next generation of structural biologists and biophysicists to a) be very familiar with the basic chemical and physical principles important in every living organism, b) be proficient with the theoretical and practical aspects of the of important experimental and theoretical biophysical methods, c) to be able to apply these methods to answer fundamental biomedical questions, d) to become responsible investigators eager to translate their findings. The program includes all aspects of biophysics, with an emphasis on structural biology and on application of biophysical methods and theories to answer important biomedical questions.

The MBPH program is an inter-campus program that includes faculty from all over USC who not only have active biophysical research programs and serve as mentors, but also contribute to courses offered by the program. In addition, a monthly biophysics seminar series with presentations from USC and outside faculty will expose the students to current biophysical research. As the result, the MBPH program will teach a comprehensive overview about all aspects of biophysics including hands-on training in many biophysical methods. Consequently, students will obtain practical and theoretical knowledge as well as the necessary overview to be able to complete a successful thesis.

Medical Biophysics students are required to complete BIOC 522 , CHEM 521  and one of the following courses: CHEM 488 , CHEM 544 , CHEM 565 , CHEM 625 PHBI 650 , PHBI 651 , PSCI 557 , PSCI 664 , PSCI 665  or other courses approved by the faculty adviser. In the second and subsequent years, students are required to register in INTD 600  every fall and spring semester. In addition, students are required to complete at least 4 units of MBPH 794a  Doctoral Dissertation, MBPH 794b Doctoral Dissertation .

PhD students must supplement course work by registering for MBPH 790 Research  during the fall, spring and summer semesters as needed to complete the minimum 60 units required for the PhD program.

As part of the requirements for the PhD degree in Medical Biophysics, students must adhere to the unit/course requirements, guidance committee and dissertation committee guidelines and must complete the qualifying examination, annual research appraisal, and dissertation and oral defense as outlined in the sections following the descriptions of the PhD programs.

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